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Harry Potter OotP icons
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The Lady Vanishes.. and returns

Sorry - have been SOO busy in the world outside of the net. Gasp.

2 things -

1) We have a new application to vote on in clubsorting

2) Coming this month on Disney Channel will be a new show about Wizards called "Wizards of Waverly Place." It is a comedy about a family of wizards living in New York City who sometimes use magic to get out of tricky situations. I think the description is a little different on IMDB, but either way the wonderful David Deluise will be on the show. And as everyone should know, the HG loves the Deluises. Sounds like something HP fans might like.... maybe. ;)

Countdown to movie of goodness!

Under one week before the Harry Potter movie! I'm excited. My happy new Death Eater costume arrived on Tuesday and looks great (though the hat is a bit large for even MY big head). Hurrah Hurrah.

Soooo... who plans to attend the midnight showing? In costume?

If you do - and you have pictures - post them here (under an LJ cut so that I don't have to send the Dementors after you)!

AS a reminder - for ONE MONTH after the movie is released, any discussion on the movie (spoilers) must be done in our spoilery community clubharrypotter. Yes, we all have read book 5 - but as the movie version is "new" we'll consider it spoilerable.

And because I didn't forget...

Have you shamelessly promoted Club Hogwarts? No? Well, get cracking! It'll bring you good Karma! And good Karma is, well, good!

HG, Slytherin
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Movies need to go faster....

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm annoyed with how much behind the movies are compared to the books. Now I know movies take time to make and all that...BUT it's the ages of the actors *mostly the kids* that is getting to me.

I read on mugglenet recently that the girl who plays Hermione *her name escapes me at the moment, sorry* is already 17. Now aren't they supposed to be 17 when they get out of Hogwarts? At this rate, by the time the movie for this last book comes out, she'll at least be in her 20's. Same with Daniel, Tom, and the boy who plays Ron.

I don't want to see the characters recast with different actors because of their age. We've more or less watch the cast of HP grow up on the screen as these characters, and when I read the books now, I can totally see their faces and stuff.

Now back when I was in HS, there was this show called 90210. Crap show, IMO, but all my friends watched it. Here were these actors, who were at least in their 20's playing high schoolers. People at the time who were my age. To me, Shannon Dougherty did NOT look like a sixteen year old girl, nor did they guy who played Dylan look like a sixteen year old boy.

I'm just afraid that's what's going to happen here. The directors won't want to use them anymore cause they won't look 'young enough' to play the characters they've been playing so long.

So, yeah. The movies need to be made faster or something.....