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Club Hogwarts

As Casual as a Coffee Shop

Welcome to clubhogwarts!

This is not your typical sorting community - everyone is welcome here even if they do not wish to be sorted. Unlike other "sorting" communities, we do not track points and even Muggles and Squibs have club houses here.

We are comprised of three main communities: Club Hogwarts, Club Sorting and Club Harry Potter.

  • clubhogwarts is a place for everyone to gather, discuss any Harry Potter related topic except spoilers, and post fanfiction, fan art and icons.

  • clubharrypotter is a place for spoilers - all discussion, fanfiction, art and icons that contain spoilers is here.

  • clubsorting is a place for people to apply (or appeal) for placement within the non-Muggle club houses. All Club Hogwarts members are encouraged to place their votes on posted applications after members have been given access to their common rooms.

Additionally, there are common rooms (as mentioned above) set up for Muggles, Squibs, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Access to clubmuggle is given to any person who wishes to join Club Hogwarts but does not want to submit an application. Members of Club Muggle are free to submit an application to be sorted at any time. Addmittance to the other common rooms clubgryffindor, clubravenclaw, clubhufflepuff, clubslytherin, clubsquib is based on the results of sorting.

Please read the rules below before applying for membership. You must either join Club Muggle or submit a sorting application before you can join the Club Hogwarts communities.

On behalf of the mods giove_dea and hackergroupie, collectively called club_mods, and the vice mod cattyhunts, we hope to be chatting with you here soon!

Le Rules

  • Have Fun

  • Respect others even if you disagree

  • All icon, pictures, fanfiction, or posts over two (2) paragraphs long must be behind an lj-cut. You do an Lj cut by typing:

  • All spoilery discussions, art, icons and fanfiction must be posted in clubharrypotter. Books and Movies are only considered spoilery until 1 month after they are released.

  • Don't argue with the Mods - this includes the House Heads

  • All Signature Tags must be kept at a reasonable size. No larger then 50kb and the dementions no larger then 100x200 or 200x100.

  • If rules are broken you will get a warning the first time. Second offense will be a suspension from the club for a period to be set by Mods and based on the offense. After the suspension time is ended, you will be able to return to the community with full rights restored. A third offense is not tolerated and will result in a ban from this community.

Affiliates - Check Them Out!

If you want to affiliate your community, email hackergroupie at hotmail dot com!